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Paula's Choice Stuff Log

Having tried God knows how many pills/potions/anti-biotics etc etc to get rid of my blackheads/mild acne for over 20 years I discovered acne.org and after rooting around for a while I thought I'd give Mandelic acid a whirl. It seemed to have work for a while but then 6 weeks in major iritation/breakouts/redness/dryness/peeling made me have to jack it in. Lion Queen suggested maybe going onto a SA thing and I have gone for Paula's choice clean skin kit - cleanser, 1% bha lotion, sunscreen, moisturiser and carbon mask. Received it today and tried it for the first time tonight. I'm gonna try and keep an up to date log on how it goes as I found with the mandelic at times I was a bit all over the place with how I was using it. I think it's important for me to keep a note on how my skin's going and look back at the log at problem times/areas. Funnily enough when I stopped using Mandelic my skin looked great for a few days then the tell tale lumps started appearing again!!

Anyway... Have cleansed as per instructions, BHA lotioned as instructed and moisturised as instructed so we will see how this goes!!

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Day 2

Nothing really exciting to report!! I have done the new routine morning and evening. It's a bit weird doing stuff to my skin that doesn't sting, smart or otherwise!! But having said that - the chin area did tingle a tiny bit this evening. I will have to keep an eye on that and maybe consider doing once a day with the BHA.

Condition of skin: No change in blackheads, 3 small pustules - 2 on chin, 1 on cheek near nose

The Paula's choice stuff is quite nice actually apart from being a bit whiffy. A little goes a long way and makes my skin feel nice. After the mandelic experiment my nose was crinkly but the moisturiser has softened it up nicely again.

So no good news (it is early days!) but no real bad news either.

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Day 3/4

Mmmm...nothing really to report again!!?? The 3 pustules have been, gone and left their red marks - nice!! I can't say that they cleared up quicker or slower than they normally do (pre Paula's stuff) I have a nodule coming up on the chin. No noticeable difference in blackheads/skin tone/red marks/anything really. So nothing good but nothing bad either. I had kind of hoped that the blackheads that leech out dried sebum so they look like tiny hairs might have improved as that is the first to look better after any treatment I've had but nah!! Maybe I need the 2% stuff?? Gonna try the clay mask thingy either tonight or tomorrow so maybe that'll speed things along.

Bit disappointed but it's still early days....

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