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Guest Michael Jackson

I have been on csr for a year

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Guest Michael Jackson

Is it the miracle I hoped for?


Is it the best acne treatment I have done to date?


Is it sometimes a pain in the ass to do?


Will your skin look kinda shitty for a while?


will my skin get the occasional dry patch?


The csr is one of the best things I have tried. It isn't perfect and I still get pimples. But hell I am 17 at the peak of acne with a family history of acne and now mine is mild. Bp gel can burn. Redmarks can and do take forever to fade. If done right the csr will give you results. You get what you give is what I am trying to say. The secret to the csr is not the bp, not the gentle washing, not the waiting periods nor mouisturizer, the secret is patience and determination The CSR is science. Acne and bp do not get along. Stick to it and you will have results, you will get frustrated, I have had a couple "that's it, I quit" nights, but you can't give in.

I wish everyone the best of luck with what they do.


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Well said! Those of us still in the first couple months, the awkward, frutrating period, can relate to everything you just said. Thanks for that post, I enjoyed reading it!

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Im really amazed and jealous of the people its worked perfectly for. It sure hasnt worked perfectly for me. I still have acne. BUt it has helped more than anything Ive ever tried so Im happy with it unless I find something better.

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Thank you for that Mike.

I have been on the CSR about 3 weeks or so and I know I'm in the beginning and I know I should not expect a miracle. I was doing so good the 1st 2 weeks, and then I broke out again!! It's expected I know, but it's still aggravating.

Anyway, you're post gave me some encouragement. Thank you again. :)

Best wishes!

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