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Getting accutane tomorrow!!!!

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what kind of moisturizer is good to have when on accutane?

what kind of chapstick or lip oinment do i need?

is there anything that i MUST have to get ready for this dryness?

anything i need to know will be appreciated!!!


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Moisturizer - anything simple that's for sensitive skin works fine. Purpose or Cetaphil are good choices. Also get a lotion for the rest of your skin - i like Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion. If you properly moisturize you'll be a lot less likely to develop itchy, dry patches of ezcema.

Lip balm - pick up some Aquaphor. It's packaged similar to Vaseline, it's not sold in a little bitty lip balm container or anything, but it works well. If you are using Aquaphor and it's still not enough, then ask your pharmacy to order you some Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. Apply it as a basecoat, then put Aquaphor on top for moisturization. This combo reduces inflammation, can heal cuts and splits, and keeps peeling to a minimum. Aquaphor is also good for putting up your nose if it gets uncomfortably dry up there.

Must knows - drink lots of water. At the start of a course many people experience headaches as they become dehydrated, this can be prevented/lessened with increased water intake. It also dries your eyes, so pick up some moisturizing eye drops (NOT the kind that get the red out) and if you feel headachy try the eyedrops before you start popping Advil, even if you don't think your eyes are dried out.

If your joints start to get achy try taking enteric coated fish oil capsules. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties and really seem to help counter this effect.

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