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Moisturizers go in this forum?

Well I need a moisturizer because my skins very dry, Ive been using this Suave moisturizing body lotion on my face. I found out it is a bad thing today for the moisturizer to have mineral oils in it. Is there a moisturizer you guys would recomend?

..I hope this is the right section

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For a guy, I'd go for the second. Cetaphil is a god-send for many people on this board, but others (myself included) seem to find it makes them break out more/aggrivate breakouts.

I can reccomend a lot, but what is your current rotuein? Certain products work better with others (for example, if you're using Retin A, I would suggest avoiding a lotion with AHA/BHA or other irritants).

Neutrogena also makes some good, inexpensive mosturizers that will not clog your pores.

Be sure that they say non-comenogenic (sorry, that is likely not spelled right) meaning it WILL NOT CLOG YOUR PORES.

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I love lac-hydrin five (found @ walgreens). It's not greasy, but works very well. It does have a mild aha (lactic acid) in it, so it just depends if yr skin can handle it.

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Well right now I was washing my face but only once a day and even then my skin would be to dry and would get more oily. I stopped and its working good but its just keeping my skin moisturized. I do use


befor i got to bed. Its working really well, I just need to keep my skin moist. So the only thing i do a day is the ance free thingy and once and a while I use rubbing alchol.

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