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A few days ago, I posted about how bad Menaji was.I still stand for that opinion today.

But is it not working because I bought the wron skin color?I bought the medium color and it just doesnt work.Maybe I should have bought light?

Or if you think I should send it back,can I send it back still and get my money back?If so how?


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Brett....you skin color are the lighest shade in cosmetic scale, let say if you are 1 shade lighter than this, you wont be able to find any foundation at all unless you go for goth cosmetic.

Just return them...as far as how.....I have no idea. Don't live in the US anymore. But you will get your money back....do they have any 1800 number? Maybe call them?


You have beautiful skin. Why do you need this stuff? Your skin are clear and clean. If I were you, I wouldn't use any cosmetic. Maybe tint sunscreen but that's that.

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I think Menaji says that they guarantee their product 100%. I don't know if this means you can return it even if you've used it for a while. I saw your picture in one of the posts, and I think you should have got the light instead of the medium. I got the light the 1st time and it didn't work too well for some spots, so I got the medium. It has covered some spots nicely.

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I have no idea. You'll have to e-mail them or call the toll-free number on their website and find out what their return policy is. I didn't bother returning the light stick I bought cuz I might need it for some lighter parts of my face, where there are not that many red marks.

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no brett...it has nothing to do with you. If the color is wrong...no matter what you do...it won't match your skin and people will be able to detect it.

You have to use exact matched color.

Return and get the lightest shade they have. And who recommend you to get medium shade? You skin are almost porcelain white....why you ordered the medium color?

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brett....you have to call the place you order....(I have no idea...don't live in the US anymore).

Most of the time they allow 30 days. ....don't waste your time here....cause if you need to return or replace...you should call the company now.

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