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I got wind from the forums that the CSR makes those red marks that are on your face after a pimple clears WORSE. I just want to know the truth because honestly right now that's what I'm deling with. A lot of my actual pimples are gone (I can't feel very many bumps when I'm washing, bp-ing.etc) and I thought the CSR actually cleared your face from anything pimple-related. This is a shock to me :confused::doh:

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Benzoyl Peroxide doesnt help with redmarks no

if you dont have active acne

then you dont want to be doing the CSR to be honest.

the CSR is a regimen that helps control peoples skin with active acne.

if its only redmarks you have then id search the "redmarks forum"

here is the link : Redmarks Left After Acne

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My advice would be to use something that does both, perhaps a perscription that will turn over your skin cells faster if you want to diminish red marks quicker. Otherwise, you just have to give it time.

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moisturisers with AHA's in (Lactic Acid) help to face redmarks faster than normal

thats my best advice i think

try a moisturiser with AHA in

Cetaphil do one if your from the states

an if your from UK or europe

Then there is a product called "eucerin dry skin face relief with 5% UREA"


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yay :)

hey dami4n...i noticed you've been on the regimen awhile now. i started about a month ago now and I've had on and off breakouts...but my face is really dry and red still. Is this normal and will it go away soon? I'm using on the spot...one and a quarter finger full of on the spot for my whole face..

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try using less bp at night and a bit more moisturiser to help balance your skin out

its usual to have skin like that on the onset of the regimen.

as for breakouts.

thats also common im affraid.

the CSR basically helps to control your acne until you grow out of it naturally.

its not a cure. but it does work really well :)

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ok thanks cause i was upset because someone told me my dry skin and irritation should be done with by now and I thought I was doing something wrong....

so basically I should wait to ramp up the BP until my skin can handle it all...

or maybe i should cut down to only at night applications...?

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the key is to find what ur skin can handle

mine cant handle anything like what the CSR states because i have sensitive skin

find whats best for you

you want your skin to feel as normal as possible

thats the key

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