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Hello, I've haven't been here for awhile because I've been mostly clear until I indulged in a little sushi last week with it's iodine rich seaweed last week and had a pretty good break out, the first in a long while.

So, I know this has been mentioned beofore but just a reminder to everyone to see if they aren't afffected by iodine sensitivity like I am.

Iodine truly was the missing link in solving my acne troubles. I just avoid all japanese food -seaweed in boiled into a tasy broth for even the rice I believe and certainly it's in the miso soup and its the green wrapping around nori rolls and the like. I also double check my vitamins to see that carageen is not a binder, this is very common. It's incrediably easy live without and for me the difference is without compare.

Hope this helps.

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i went back on a raw food diet and haven't had any sashimi and am doing better than ever.. maybe this is why.. thanks..

is there iodine in celtic sea salt.. if so.. uh oh..

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Yes - iodine has been linked to acne flares. I stopped eating sushi as well, and cut out most salty foods. I wonder how much iodine is in seafood (other than sushi)? I eat things like tuna and salmon. I wonder how problematic they are?

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can somone direct me or elaborate on the scientific or somewhat logical explanation regarding the relation between iodine and acne? gracias thx

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