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yea i know this has probably been done loads of times before, but im just wondering has anyone here actually been to a pyschiatrist or doctor and actually been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder?


Closely linked to other disorders and psychiatric conditions, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (termed shortly BDD) is a serious disorder that is growing fast. People that suffer from BDD not only dislike some aspect of how they look, they're preoccupied severely with it. Most get to the point where it is very hard to go outside or sit down comfortably, or go to work and talk to others, without thinking the self-degrading thoughts about their flaws. The thoughts soon over take the person's mind and it is all he/she can think about.

The problem, though, is that all of these self-degrading thoughts about a perceived flaw are distorted. Many, many times the supposed flaw doesn't even exist, or an "imperfect" body part is blown entirely out of proportion. However, the person themselves cannot see that what they believe is distorted. Many hold the belief that they are seeing all of this, therefore it MUST be true. This is one of the main reasons that it is so hard for people on the "outside" to try and convince even the most severely emaciated people with anorexia that they are not fat or failures - the people with anorexia and/or bulimia themselves literally cannot look in the mirror and see the same person that everyone else sees


its really interesting to read about it. i know some people on here are gonna be saying that its a load of bollox, but reading this is exactly what im like. there isnt a minute of the day that goes by where im not thinking about wot i look like to other people. constantly thinking 'i wonder how that person sees me' or 'i wonder if i stand over here am i gonna look disgusting?' im miserable these days like 24/7

its completely sad, but i cant help it. anyone have any views?

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I know how you feel, i get like that sometimes and yeah it is very worrying. It's not bollox at all and i imagine a good percentage of people with acne, or who have suffered from acne have sypmtoms of BDD.

There was a documentary on BBC3 not so long ago called "Too ugly for love" which traced 3 people who had BDD and all of their flaws which they thought they had, really werent noticeable at all. None of them had acne however. They all were encouraged to simply face their fears head on.

e.g. this man believed in his own mind that he had disgusting dark circles around his eyes, and would therefore only go outside with sunglasses on. at first i found this a bit stupid as he looked perfectly normal without the sunglasses on, but then when you relate it to your own acne and the fact that most of the time people tell you "you look fine", you (well me anyway) always believe you look shit.

still, i think that going out without a pair of sunglasses on is a lot easier than going out with severe cystic acne.

Its an interesting subject and one that should be analysed more closely

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