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Roacctane for mild - moderate acne

Hello, just wanting to know what other acne sufferers opinions are on my story as follows:

I started to get pimples when i was in year 6 but thats normal and it was only a few spots here and there. However in year 7 i started getting pimples on my shoulders and back plus being on the face however it wasnt to bad....nothing that i couldnt handle. My acne has however continued to get worse and spread as the years have gone on, Ive tryed a few different mini pills to see if they helped my skin in which they did the slightest little bit but didnt get rid of the problem. I have tryed different face washes you buy over the counter but they made it worse because my skin is so sensitive! Im nearly 18 and the last year has been the worst for my skin ever! its now on my neck and gets really red and inflamed and itchy! it drives me insane and i hardly ever go out with my friends now because of it. The doctor gave me Minomycin or something to try clear it up and even though it did help a little bit it never got rid of it to a point in which i was happy and as soon as i went off it it all came back 100 times worse! My skin has always been REALLY oily and it only takes a few hours after ive washed my hair for it to start getting extreamly oily agan. I personaly thing i've got mild to moderate acne...it varries in different parts of my body. I live in a regional area where only 1 dermotologist comes down every 6 weeks so you can imagaine how long ive been waiting. The day i go to him finaly arrives in 3 days time. However im not so optomistic about going to him because i've got in my head already what i really think needs to be done and that is going on Roacctane...I have researched all the side effects ect and i know its dangerous but i really feel the risk is good enough to take if it gives me the oppertunity to clear up my skin for good so i can get on with life and not have to worry bout it. Everyone i know and have heard of that have taken all these other antibiotics and creams that their dermo has put them on all have said they were crap and didnt work. I personaly dont want to stuff around with these different things that will most likely not work ...i'd rather be put onto something like Roacctane that has a very good chance of being successful. What do you guys think? and do you rekon my dermo will agree and put me on roacctane even though my acne isnt classified as "severe"?? comments would be greatly appreciated :)

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Some dermatologists will be reluctant to put you on it if your acne is only mild. They first will want to try other things such as benzoyl peroxide washes and antibiotics.

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