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Worried - Need advice

I recently went to see a derm and she and 3 other derms were their and agreed i should go on roacatane. She examined my entire body and didn't say anything wrong about my chest, So i assume she think's it's normal acne.

Im not so sure and it worries me alot lately. My face has almost all but cleared up but my back/chest/shoulders are still quite back.

However i have a patch right in the middle of my chest roughly where your heart would be covered in little red bumps.. The area is not dry or overly oily but i have these very itchy red bumps with some dry skin on top of the bumps. I cant say to me they look like the rest of my acne at all however i do get whiteheads on them at times

To be totally honest the look of them is freaking me out slightly and im worried i may have something else other than acne on my chest. And i will be going on roacatane soon.

Could 2 derm's (with 2 more trainee's there) mis diagnose my problem on the chest?

I know 100% for certain i have acne on my shoulders/back it's very easy to tell but this patch on my chest look's different.

Thank you

I should be able to provide a picture later tonight aswell.


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I have the same situation going on. I have a pretty clear face, by my back and shoulders have broken out like they never have before. Cystic and wierd little white blocked pores. If it doesn't clear by next month from the antobiotics he wants to put me on Accutane. I am going to think about it carefully and make the final decision myself but I do trust his opinion. Good luck!

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