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New medication! Few questions..

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I just went to see my doctor for the first time in .. well .. ever about my acne. I've been on Oxytetracycline for over a year, which i only ended up getting a prescription for because both my brother and sister had it, they didn't ask to diagnose me first or anything. I only have mild to moderate on my shoulders/chest/back, more inclined towards mild i think.

After all this time, I honestly don't know if my acne has faded a little because of time passing or because of the drug, but what i will say is that the Oxytetracycline seemed like a complete waste of time.

So today my doctor gave me 100 new pills of hope (50 days worth, just under 2 months, 2 a day) called Erythromycin (they are 500mg tablets HUGGGE things) and said since the problem was embarassing me he would also give me something called Retin-A cream. Now.. i don't know a lot about Retin-A but i remembered reading topics on here about people who seem to swear by it.

If anyone knows how effective either of these 2 new meds are then please, please give me some success stories and hope; otherwise i'm just going to put my leftover Oxytetracycline and newly aquired Erythromycin into a blender with the Retin-A and turn it into a smoothie to drink :dance:

EDIT: I just checked the i-net and found information saying that 0.05% cream is used for wrinkles, and 0.1% for acne. Mine is 0.025% .. o.O

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