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I'm 16 and I have wrinkles...wtf?

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Alright, I've had some forehead wrinkles for awhile that I didn't think were too serious. I used to have pretty flawless skin before I hit puberty (hey, didn't we all?) and then I had to start using products on my face to maintain my acne. I've been using BP for some time now and I read somewhere that BP can cause wrinkles for some people.

I wrinkle my forehead a lot (can't help it really, I've tried to), and I smile a lot, and consequently, I have some forehead wrinkles and some wrinkles around my mouth area.

I'm really looking to get rid of these or at least stop them where they are to prevent future damage.

Anyone have any experience with this and/or know of any products or things that may help?

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have these appeared before or after bp?

if it's bp, they're not wrinkles, it's just dry skin, so you need to moisturize more

also forehead lines often come to people in young age who make distinct facial expressions (my best friends had lines on her forehead and aorund her eyes since she was your age as well, but she laughs a lot), so if they are laugh lines, they should be cute and beautiful, people who sile live longer, remember that

it's too early for you to use any anti-wrinkle creams, but make sure you take lot of vitamin c, drink water and moisturize regularly

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I'm 35 and I used Benzoyl Peroxide for 10 years. BP gel didn't give me wrinkles, but it did make me look red and flaky when I used it. A little jojoba oil will help with the flakes... but I don't know of anything that helps with the orange or reddish color caused by BP (if your white) or brown or black discoloration (if you're black or asian). It's possible that you are allergic to BP and your skin is getting inflammed. Inflammation is linked to wrinkles.

Sad thing is, you also find that you will eventually grow an intolerance to the BP at some point and it will stop working and you'll start breaking out again. That's what happened to me and many others who used BP. It worked for 3 yrs for me. Then I started getting zits again. You don't want to be middle aged like many of us out here, with acne, ,wrinkles and greying hair.

As for the wrinkles.... if you're into weight training you might try it for your face muscles. If you can sculpt your body with weight training , ,same goes for the face. Carol Maggio teaches face exercises that seem to really lift the forehead, cheeks and jawline etc.

Good Luck to you.

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i have those to from about 16-17 2 fine lines but its barely visible.It could be cause of BP and extended sun exposure everyday without any sunblock!.I would suggest you start a moisturize called Kinerase-this is a huge breakthrough for wrinkles/ageing/photodamage skin it almost gives the effect of retin A without any side effects just not as quickly and as effective but still its very safe and good to use!it will slowly fade in maybe 20 weeks specially cause your young.

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