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need your insight on this one

hi I currently have just plain old red marks all around my mouth and I've been doing a little research. I notice that people say that the flouride in the toothpaste seem to make them breakout. so I was thinking of getting the natrual toothpaste without the flouride. is that a good idea? you think its worth it? I also have acne on my forehead and I've been using head and shoulders shampoo and maybe thats been causing me to breakout? I've been hearing to get the neutrogena shampoo is that what you recommend me getting? if I could get insight on all of these subjects I would greatly love that. Thanks Luke

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Flouride Problem---It's worth a shot, but I don't think you'll notice any difference. Depends on how much the toothpaste is. Don't get anything above $10, I would say. If you only have red marks, then let time heal them, or try something like ACV. I don't see how the toothpaste and redmarks are connected, though (unless the toothpaste caused the acne that made the redmarks, which I doubt).

Head&Shoulders---Yeah, I think the shampoo is breaking you out. Well, not the shampoo itself. Probably how you handle it. Don't let it touch your face, if possible. Lean your head back in the shower so the stuff dribbles down your back, not face. You can get the neutrogena shampoo if you would like to (I've never used it). You might want to search for it on this site. Read some reviews. I have no advice on that stuff.

Did I miss anything?

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