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The right side (I dont know if you can call it the cheek, as its slightly right of the nose area. That area, I dont know what you would call it...The right side that is visable when looking straight ahead. heh.) The problem with my right side is that it is very uneven in skin tone. Ive got redness, scar/redmarks, and clogged pores (at least I think; it looks like I need to take bioré to it or something. Im unsure.)

Ive been using Tazorac .5% cream in the nights, it has been doing its job warding off most pimples, and Benzaclin in the morning to dry up whatever might be there. What really has been helping me lately is Plexion SCT though. I re-introduced it into my arsenal since I found it lying around and still have 6 refills of it (enough to last about 6 months).

The derm initially gave me Plexion SCT for redness, but it did nothing for redness, but its really been working on clearing me up.

Wanted to know what I can do to clean up that right side, I've been taking 800IUs of Vitamin E and a Vitamin B Complex everyday in the way of vitamins. Ive been steering clear of the Centrums we have because they have iodine in them. I was also told to avoid peels while using Tazorac, Benzaclin, and Plexion SCT.

Was looking into Aloe Vera or something. Anything to eventually get these things at an even skin tone. They havent changed at all in a good 6 months really, I figured if something was going to happen (even the smallest thing) it would happen, but nothing.

Anything would be helpful.

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