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Acne/Scar Treatment Causing Financial Stress

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I have no idea how much money I've spent on treating my acne and scars, but it has to be in the thousands over these past 9 years. From OTC medications to derm visits to prescription co-pays and scar treatments, I have spent too much of my parent's money and my own earnings to treat this. Now that I'm pretty much broke from my scar treatment, I barely have enough money to pay for my textbooks for classes next quarter. Yet I need about another $1500-$2000 to have another round of scar treatment like Smoothbeam. But I also need to pay for books and other necessary school-related expenses. This whole deal is not only causing me emotional and psychological problems, but also stressing me about in regards to my financial situation. Anyone else here feel the same?

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yes, if i could take back all the money i've spent on products over the years, i would be very well off. But, at the time, it seemed like a good idea!

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Of course... if I were to even give it a bit of calculation, yeah I think all the money I spent all these years is...well if I were to save them all up, I'll be one of those rich young ladies.

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As a word of advice you can usually find most textbooks much cheaper on the internet, even Amazon. My old college bookstore was a racket!

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I buy textbooks on Ebay-some are really, really cheap!!!

As for the financial aspect of acne, I worry about if it will later in life affect me in life. Everyone has flaws, but with acne everyone can see them.

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