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Hello ya'll biggrin.gif

Does anyone use MAC or LAURA MERCIER foundations and concealers??

Im after a foundation and concealer that dosn't block pores, blends really easily, gives strong coverage, looks natural and works well on really oily skin like mine.

Im using a slightly cheaper brand at the moment, the foundation dosn't give enough coverage and the concealer dosn't cover that well. The only reason ive stuck with them is cos threy dont make my acne worse [-(

Id REALLY appreciate any advice, im stuck in a rut sad.gif

nessa xxx

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This is the list of Laura Mercier products I currently own and use:

*foundation primer


*foundation powder

*loose powder

*several lip sticks

which one you wanna know?

I spend more money on foundation, concealer, and powder. (I mainly use Becca, Laura Mercier and MAC) But I don't care much about color cosmetic....anything is ok. Invest your money on foundation product will give you better looking skin.


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I was thinking of giving the foundation powder and the secret camouflage concealer a try. Its just they're so expensive and really hard to get hold of over here that i wanna be sure before I try them :-k

Does the foundation powder look cakey?? Most other ones ive tried have but Ive heard it gives really good coverage so i wanna give it a try...

thanks for your help biggrin.gif

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what is your skin texture? dry? oily?

I still prefer Becca concealer over secret camouflage concealer from LM (Becca has 35-40 color selection while LM has only 4). LM secret camouflage is really nice too, little bit goes a long way and give full coverage.

Powder foundation are my favorite powder at all time. Just right amount of coverage with silky soft finish. It stays on all day without oxidation (change color). Agree with you about the price. LM is probably the most expensive powder foundation on the market right now.

For example, MAC studio fix is roughly AUD$40 for 15 g., whereas LM is AUD$80 for 8 g.

1g of MAC = AUD$2.67

1g of LM = AUD$8

My studio fix lasts 6-8 months. LM lasts 3 months. Still....I think it's worth every cent.

I know you will definately in love with LM.....but...I warn you....you will get addicted to this product. (translate=more money) heee heee biggrin.gif

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Thanks for your advice smile.gif

My skin is very oily (everywhere, not just the t-zone), but its also really sensitive and a lot of cheaper foundations dry my skin out. Ive also got very open pores on my cheeks, is the foundation powder good at hiding them?? Also, I know a lot of full coverage bases give such strong coverage that it looks too obvious, and unnatural, what kind of finish does it give???

I definitly agree with you about spending a bit more on getting the perfect base for your skin. All the mascara, lipstick etc ive tried you can't tell much of a difference between brands but you definitly can with foundation.

Do you use it every day??? I only use foundation when I go out at night so I guess it might last me a bit longer 8-[

nessa xxx

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I don't use makeup everyday but I use concealer to cover scars almost everyday.

As for foundation...sometimes I mix it with my sunscreen or moisturizer just to get a bit of color onto my face. I do, however, use powder foundation (either from MAC, LM or Kryolan) everyday.

I love high end foundation and powder for one reason.....they have better color selection that match my skin perfectly.

You should try them before you decide to buy. LM is great stuff but I still think that everyone is unique. You skin might react different from mine. Just ask the salesperson to try them on you before you buy. ok?

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I use both MAC and Laura Mercier foundations, but I do not use a concealer.

I prefer Laura Mercier over MAC because I think that it gives better coverage but neither have broken me out.

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I use Coverblend concealer SPF 15 from Neostrata. Just use a little concealer and put on some loose powder, and gives good coverage for any pimples or marks and is made for acne so it's good for the skin and stays on ALL day! Only $16.99 for the concealer. biggrin.gif/

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Hi everyone i'm new to this but i did want to let everyone know about the book by Paula Begoun (Don't go to the cosmetics Counter Without me). She lists many lines of skincare and makeup, and all of their ingredients, what she recommednds etc. She's been on several Tv shows and is known as "the Cosmetics Cop" and she has her own line of products as well. I've had 7 yrs. of struggling with acne, am 28 and have gotten so much info. from her books as far as what lines will and will not make you break out from, drugstore brands to the most expensive products out there. It was the best $25 i've ever spent. Her website however does not give you nearly as much info. as her books, but you can search a few product reviews. I'm doing the "acne cure" right now but i use her makeup and i have to say though limited it's irritant free(i have not broken out from it) which is a miracle, and if you e-mail them they will send you free samples on request. Hope this helps god knows i wish i'd have found her books years ago.

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