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anyone using chanel's estompe lumiere concealer?

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I am searching for a concealer that provides good coverage for pimples and pimple marks and heard that estompe lumiere does it. Has anyone here tried it before or is using it?

Just share your opinions all right.

Thanks a lot!

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I've tried several Chanel products in the past and I can't stand them. The texture are ALL very nice, smooth, soft and easy to use, however, most of their product contain fragrance and harsh preservative. Whenever I use their liquid foundation, my skin develop small little pimple and rash. ](*,)

These are things I've tried in the past:

-estompe de chanel (corrective concealer)....very smooth texture but "for me" I think this is a bit too light to cover acne scar. I prefer Becca concealer to this one. But if you have small scar, it might be an ideal.

-vitalumiere....foundation....smooth, light weight texture only suit people who want to enhance their look. minimal coverage....cause me rash and allergy

-teint fluide universel again light weight with minimal coverage.....and gave me rash

I also tried some of their skincare products, all from precision line, ALL of them gave me rash and one particular item, precision day cream spf15, literary BURN my skin. You can see where the cream touch my face because it burn instantly.

Some people have great review for Chanel products. I think they are good for people with normal skin. For people with sensitive/ acne prone skin, highly fragranted product might irritate your skin. It might not be a culprit and you might love them. But just keep in mind that fragrance doesn't help your healing process at all. (if not making it worse)

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I think Chanel always has great texture. That concealer might work for you. If you need light to medium coverage...it might work really well. I do encourage you to go and try them on before you buy any product.

But stay away from their skincare, ok. They are highly fragranced...not good for sensitive/acne prone skin.

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