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Gawd Just when my acne was clearing up!

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It's been this way for awhile, just bitchin about it now.

My skin is still alittle shit (clogged pores is the worse(blackheads)), but my acne has lessned. Now Im so freakin hairy! Im hairyer then my Dad! I have alot of chest hair and it nothing but hair south of the belt line! I dont take off my shirt infront of anyone.

It's like Im suppose to be kept down.

Also if that wasnt enough (but these I dont worry about as much) I also have that skin disorder were you lose pigment in your skin. I have afew spots that tattos can cover, but bigger spots around the private area. No way to cure these yet. It's what Micheal Jackson had, but mine isnt not NEARLY as bad or hopefully wont progress that bad.

Plus Im still waiting to see if I am really losing my hair at the temples or forming a nice widow's peak =/

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Shaving your facial hair does make it thicker biggrin.gif period - from little boy fluff to man stubble! see?

I have a hairy chest O:) I like it though... whatever you do NEVER let anyone wax your chest cause dam! it feels like your rib cage is being ripped out your body sad.gif

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Actually yes it does, shaving stimulates rapid growth in hair for a few hours after shaivng, and if you do it every day then in effect it's getting thicker wink.gif

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I have heard that the truth is it DOESN'T grow thicker, but it APPEARS thicker, so you are only half right Pete.. apparently at first it looks thicker and darker because the top of the hair is coming out(if you ever plucked your eyebrows you would know this because after a few days after plucking the hairs come in darker and thicker looking) but when it grows out completely it should look the same as before but most people don't let it grow out all the way to see that.

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that's what i was getting at when i said the tip makes it look thicker, but that's all it is it makes it LOOK thicker it isn't actually thicker

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