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Accutane and sore gums?

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I have been on accutane for 2 weeks and have had really sore, red, sometimes bleeding gums for about a week now. Has anyone experienced this while on tane? This is my second course and I haven't experienced it before, and never heard of it as a side effect so thought I would check if anyone else has had it or if I should go to the dentist to get it checked out!

Thanks in advance.

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I had it and when i used to wake up my teeth used to feel so weak,i thought my teeth would fall off.Went to my doc she told me stop the med i didnt and it went away within 2 weeks.I would suggest you go to a dentist,this is a side effect which has happened to few people but it could be something related with your gums rather than accutane i dont know what my cause was i just didnt wanna go of accutane maybe my gums were weak,maybe people with weak gums may face this problem while taking accuatne.I hope i didnt get you scared i doubt anything will happen but still if you can go to a dentist for self satisfaction and safety.

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Thanks for your reply Ihsahn, I will get this checked out at the dentist just to be on the safe side, but I won't be coming off the tane if that's what they say, unless of course it is putting my health at serious risk. But otherwise I can live with it for a few weeks, better than having acne!

Thanks again for your reply, it was really helpful.

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