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Any vitamins good for dry and flakey skin?

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right, I second that and would like to add that you might as well take an Omega 3 supplement. This is usually Fish oil and/or Flax seed combination. It's anti-inflammatory, insulin balancing, and involved in various other functions of the body. http://www.hsn.com/cnt/prod/default.aspx?w...dept=HF001&cat=

The above site is too expensive, but you can get fish oil for less if you hunt around. Usually you get more for your money if you buy liquid formulas over the gelcaps. However, do you really want to taste it? The normal dosage is 1000mg - 2000mg. Any more and you might overload. You should notice your skin feeling more hydrated, perhaps even healthier hair and nails. This is touted as one of the top supplements to take for acne sufferers on other boards, maybe there's some testimonies on this one too.

HTH =)

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Vit E and A are for skin. They actually helped clear my Dad's rosascea(spelling?). Also, omega fatty acids made from fish oils help alot. They help keep skin moisturized/flexible/stretchy. Only problem is, they gave me fish flavored burps. :oops:

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