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B5 worked for me. Full summary

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Well I can say I've tried alot of different products to clear my acne, and B5 has been the most successful treatment. Here's some advice that makes the B5 treatment more effective.

1)Spread out your B5 intake. I take 5g in the morning, and 5g before I go to sleep

2)Don't stop taking B5 or change your routine for atleast 2 months. This will disrupt your progress

3)Buy 500mg capsules (I use the GNC Brand). DO NOT USE TIME RELEASE CAPSULES!

Things to remember:

- you will have initial breakouts. I had a severe breakout, which resulted in minor scarring

- Still use acne products to cleanse face. I use BP, because it seemed most effective.

The Positives of B5 treatment:

- much milder acne, clearer face.

- oil production slowly depletes.

- inexpensive compared to some other treatments

The Negatives:

- Very slow treatment. it took 2 months before I seen good results.

- B5 made my skin much more sensitive to scarring. The initial breakout I got from B5 has left some

minor scars on my cheeks.

- Face feels very dry at times, especially around the eyes ( moisturizer is very important). The scalp feels very dry and irritated as well. This side effect was gone after I dropped my dosage after the 3 month period.

- The worst side effect from B5 is the constant fatigue. I'm very athletic and play football/hockey. However, I would get so tired doing regular daily routines. I noticed this side effect slowly dissappeared as I lowered my dosage.

Final say:

Every treatment has drawbacks. However, I still believe the positive outcome from the B5 treatment, outweighs the side effects. To finish your treatment with a positive outcome, you must be persistent and follow your b5 intake properly.

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im on day 93. and im just starting to clear up. have been clear for like 4 days. took along time but hopefully this is it.:). nice post tho.

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i tried usiing the gnc brand too. Its kinda annoying though to have to swallow 20 of the pills everday though. They're the size or regular multi vitamin pills...

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i've been taking time release b5 for a long time already, there is nothing wrong with it, works for my face.

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I was on b5 for 3 months+, it made me break out on my chest which was clear before I started using b5.

Didn't help much with oil reduction either or acne.

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