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Hey, I just read your log... I'm hoping to get accutane in the near future myself!!!... that's when, I decide to go to the Derm... haha...

Good luck!!!! I hope you see great results.... I'd cut back on the drinking though... I always thought you weren't supposed to drink AT ALL while on it... I'm just looking out, that's all... (:

Keep us posted!!!! (:


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1.5 months in!!!

sup y'all thought i'd just update.

stopped drinking as much these days. not cuz of the tane but because i'm jobless and moneyless haha

going to the miss teen australia auditions on saturday. no i'm not a sexy ass model chic.....i'm making a documentary on it for uni....should be great fun hangin with hotties maybe i'll get some skin care advice haha...hopefull some numbers aswell ;)

i don't care if they think i'm ugly. when this is over i'll be pullin hotties left right and center.

pics coming in 2 weeks. i'd prefer to post them every two months or so ya know to compare progress. later ppl......and someone actually reply and i might post here more often!!!! 8D

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Hey man

Awesome attitude to life buddy hahah

wish i was more optimistic like you.............do you use any moisturises or anything? or just take accutane?

do i use moisturisers???????????????? u serious....i would be a crusted up piece of dog turd lying on a hot pavement in summer if it wasn't for moisturiser :D

if ur wondering because ur considering taking tane let me just tell u.....tane is tha super bomb diggity.... i would take it intravenously if i could

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What up stab stab, how the tane for u, and more people gotta be like u- i've read through some of your log and your right u gotta stay positve all the time and just be happy your accutane- I remember about year or two ago when i first started getting a major case of acne- the doctor was giving me all this bullshit medications that were'nt working like for months- and in the back of my head i was say" when the fuck you gonna prescribe me something that can possibly cure all this shit- instead of me comming back like 8 times a year with no results from anything" thats why i dont care if i get an ib or anything like that- because i know in a few months will be pulling all the ladies........

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sup yall its day 80 or somethin, sorry no update but basically i stop coming here now because acne is now going to be a thing of the past

seroiusly accutane is the bomb diggity

those pics i promised are probs gonna get delayed i broke my camera!!! NOOO. i think i will just post the before and after pics in that pinned thread.

something bad happened last week. a good friend of mine took his own life after a series of unfortunate incidents.

his girlfriend cheated on him with one of his army buddies so as a revenge plan they both went and sodomised the poor guy (raped him while he was handcuffed with huge dildos). Anyway they got caught by the police and were facing jail, he was being held as the army barracks jail and must have been brutalized there because he gassed himself to death.

poor pete, he was such a good bloke and i just wish last time he was in town i spent more time with him as i never will get to again

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????? are u guys calling me weird. IN MY OWN TANE LOG!!!! SHAME ON YOU ALL! jk

whats there to be confused about? a mate got into some shit with the law and killed himself. There are people in the world without acne who have un unbalanced psychological makeup ya know :rolleyes:

anyhoo just bought another box of tane. box 5 i think i'm losing count. something like day 90 who cares

me and this chick i used to work with have just started getting hot and heavy again (had a fling like a yr ago) so life aint too bad. plus summer has just started and i am finishing my last assignment as we speak.


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sup thought i was dead huh??

actually to be honest i cannot be fucked posting pictures until i'm done with the course.

however i will tell you that i am officially 4.5 months in and been clear for at least a month. no face acne and no back acne. some mild discolouration nothin bad.

tane is for sure the way to go.............i recomend it to anyone who is serious about beating acne.

its the hydrogen bomb of all acne meds.

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day 17

woke up on the floor of my mates bedroom cuz we all passed out there after getting fucked up and having a night out on the town.

had my 40mgs today lips are a little dryer but really nothing bad. skins got a few new bumps under my skin and i have a massive inflamed zit on my nose which looks awful but hey i hear the nose is the first to breakout and the first to heal or something...anyone else heard this.

anyways someone plz reply i'm so lonely haha j/k

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