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Finished accutane, have some red marks left, what now?

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My derm said to use Tazorac but is there anything that can make those red marks heal faster, or should I just let it heal naturally, in about 3-4 months I'll look way better (if I don't breakout hopefully again) since I only have some but a few are kinda deep.

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from personal experience i highly doubt you will break out. maybe a pimple or 2 every few weeks, like i have been off accutane for 9 months and i havnt had a pimple for atleast 2-3 weeks. its really awesome. I was on that cream before accutane and it just agravated my skin like crazy, i wouldnt use it unless you really think it will help your redmarks, I think time is probably the best though, in a few months you should be looking $$$ bro

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