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Tetracycline antibiotic

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hey, i may not have mentioned this before.. but i've been on tetracycline for about 2 weeks. some people may have read my accutane questions in posts, because so far the tetracycline hasn't worked.

my doctor said it's accutane time because of this but I want to use this as a last resort cause of the crazy side effects.

Recently, I found out it takes about 3 months until the tetracycline tables kick in and kill the acne. Which explains why i've seen little results. That's fine, i'd rather wait a bit and keep up with the 1 sideffect i've had with the Tetracycline (really sore throat when I swallow food), than have accutane sideffects, but I was wondering if anyone else has had experience on Tetracycline?

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I was on tetracycline for about 4 months a few years ago. Unfortunately I saw no improvement at all whatsoever during this time. I have heard of some people having good results on tetracycline, but even then acne tends to come back after you stop taking it.

I think accutane is much more likely to give you lasting results.

I am starting accutane in a few weeks so I have no experience with it yet. I am not too scared of any accutane side effects; if things get bad then I will just stop taking it.

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I was on tetracycline for 2-3 years along with differin gel and bezoyl peroxide. It worked ok, but after that amount of time, it stopped working. I guess my body had gotten used to it. If your doc says its accutane time, listen to him. He knows. They wait for that to be a last result too. And honestly, the side effects are nothing compared to living with acne!!! I've been on accutane for 6 weeks now. good luck!!

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thanks for the info guys (-:

i think i maybe don't want to try accutane just yet because the BP regime is starting to get some quite good results.

My plan is that, if my acne aint gone soon enough then I will go down the accutane path but i'm seeing a dermotologist soon so I will be asking for their information and will take that as the final word.

Please keep my updated on your accutane experience smile.gif

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If you decide to still stay on antibiotics,your derm can recommend another antibiotic eg.erythromycin if u aren't responding to tetracycline anymore.It is best to use a topical preparation on the skin eg.BP with an antibiotic taken orally, as there is a better chance of your skin clearing.

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