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Hey guys,

so im starting an accutane log...and today is day 1, and so far nothing has happend lol.

im on 20mg right now but i see the doctor again in 2 1/2 weeks, and if i need a higher dosage than i'll get one.

anyway, so yeah basically nothin goin on right now lol...i post in like 4 days.


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hey guys

so i;ve been on the Roaccutane for 6 days now...its been pretty good. I mean 6 days really isnt enough to tell a huge difference. I havent noticed any side effects but my lips do feel a little dry but nto quite chapped. One side of my face is almost completely clear but I dont think that has anythiung to do with the accutane, as it was clearing before I started, just one of those random times when you clear up i guess... But the other side of my face broke out quite a bit. I think that may have to do with the fact that a swtiched to a medium weight moisturizer...dermalogica's skin smoothing cream...instead of their oil control lotion in fear of my skin getting too dry. But the other side isnt breaki ng out so im confused....i wish i knew what caused every zit lol.

but i do have a question...so i know u cant take vitaman A supplements on accutane...but can u eat carrots? cuz i love them and i cant stop eating them but their so high in vitamin A....


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Carrots are high in beta carotene, which is a precursor to Vitamin A and doesn't cause the same additive effects as taking pre-formed Vitamin A with Accutane. So you can eat carrots during treatment, no problem. The same goes for other vegetable sources of Vitamin A. Milk and eggs are ok as well. The only foods you really need to avoid are organ meats like liver because they contain high amounts of pre-formed Vitamin A. Avoid supplements that contain Vitamin A unless they specify that carotene is the source.

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not too bummed about not being able to eat liver...hahahaha

i forgot to take the tane today though..i was on the bus and i was like shit!! hahahaha how could i forget i dunno...

im gunna remember tommorow lol

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