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~ Alyssa's Accutane Log ~

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xoxo - thanks! you are sweet

Stabby - thanks for the compliment but I def do have acne. It's bad enough that a derm put me on it with our first visit, he didn't even try anything else with me

Abby - You're so sweet too, thank u for ur kind words. Thats good that u feel comfortable with ur BF to tell him that u go on here. That's one thing I haven't told my BF. That dog in the picture is actually his dog. Soon to be mine too when we move in together. He's a pure bred shepard and a reallly smart dog.

I had a good tear session yesterday. Not sure if the accutane itself brought on this sudden crying spell, but the state of my skin def had a lot to do with it. Things were getting to me so bad - my computer broke yesterday (i went out and bought a laptop today - i needed it anyways in order to go to my new college in jan), my nice bathroom scale broke, and i was kind of mad at my roommate cuz he was the last one to touch all this stuff. My BF came over and i was actually crying (I barely ever cry). The tears just kept flowing, i couldn't help it. But he was sweet and held me and helped me thru it and talked to me and then made me laugh. Then he spent all day with me today going to best buy, comp usa, and circuit city before i finally settled on buying at best buy. And even tho he couldn't fix my computer, he did fix my bathroom scale. Well I have the best BF ever, if I must say so myself.

Day 32

I'm still looking pretty crappy. Same old, have a couple new ones. One on my left side and a new one on top of my right cheekbone. A very bumpy weekend! My skin texture looks like crap too.

Side effects minimal. Dry lips at times. Very red face complexion. I just hope my skin gets better real soon. Maybe this is stretching it, but if it's still like this at the end of the 2nd month, i'm going to be so pissed. Well I am gonna go now, I am still trying to get used to this whole laptop thing. I can't type on it for shit, I keep making typos and it's taking me forever to write this. Bye guys!

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hey allyssa, i really don't think your skin looks bad from those pictures. it'll definitely clear up. you'll get used to the laptop keyboard. that's all i use and i would never go back to a desktop. what kind did you get?

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Jordan - good question! Umm it's a Toshiba.. satellite series? It's on sale this week at best buy for like $749... 1 gig memory, and all the other "necessary" stuff that i really have no clue about! Hopefully toshiba is not a piece of crap, i've heard good things from a lot of ppl. Thanks for the nice comment about my skin. I feel as crappy as I could possibly get right now..

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redsox, don't worry it is not bad at all. and i understand feeling sensitive since on tane. everything upsets me. i can go from one mood to the next in seconds. i think this affects us more than we realize. you are gorgeous sister!

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* If you guys check my gallery pictures from Day 1, my skin looked much better then!! When will this end?

Honey it is just beginning! My skin looked like the worse kind of shit on Day 30. I have the pix saved on my comp but I took them off of here. I don't think you're ugly at all, don't be silly. You're hot and you're just gonna get hotter as time goes on! :dance:

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Yea Alyssa!

hang in there!

It has to get worse before it gets better - it's like nature's evil joke. :evil:

You'll live through it though 'cuz your strong!

Much luv!

-Eloise :wub:

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Hey Alyssa...

Believe me I understand what you're going through...(most if not all of us do) the first 30 days I was on cloud nine and then as soon as day 32 33 came around I started to break out.

I went to my derm today and she's going to increase my dosage...and assures me that it can only get better! Famous last words...but you know what I realize that you and myself still have a ways to go before this is all said and done.

You'll get through ti and have awesome results!! no worries..it will happen!

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