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Simple Exfoliation and Vitamin E

My skin has been under control for about 2-3 months. :D

Now, I'm trying to figure out what I can do for these ice pick and rolling scars. Most of them are under a year old. The oldest scars are getting lighter from hyperpig. but the indentions are still there. I was using this topical cream by Neutrogena, then stopped b/c it didn't seem to be helping any. So, about 2 months ago, I decided to do something that made sense:

I bought a facial brush at The Body Shop [for collagen stimulation] and Vitamin E capsules [for skin healing]. I began exfoliating [gently] morning and night with my usual mild Cleanser by Clinique. After that, applying topically Vit. E oil and taking one orally as well. It seems to be helping with hyperpigmentation, and a tad with collagen production. My skin in general has been brighter and healthier though ever since. But is this a good approach for acne pits or am I missing something vital?

I've been reading this scar forum and I hear about exfoliants, peels, and acids. I'm willing to dish out the cash for something that works, but how is this simpler, cheaper regimen different from all the other products suggested here?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone with some feedback?

Please, please.

Should I be taking something extra besides Vit E and exfoliating with a brush that is VITAL for scar healing?

Much love,


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I don't think it will work for pitted scars. Just read all the threads and you will get ideas on what does and doesn't work for people.

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