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Eliminating Harse Treatments The Log.

You know what?

I’ve been beating up my face with topical products ever since puberty when I initially started breaking out in high school. As time progressed I started obsessing about it more and more to the point these days it consumes my life. It really does.

My acne compared to many of the people on these boards is really nothing. I have zero body acne, very very rarely get anything on my cheeks or anything and it’s simply moderate stuff in my t-zone. My mother does have acne still and it’s really not that bad, that being said there is the possibility it is in my genes.

I started taking B5 a good six months ago and it dramatically reduced the intensity of my acne. I recently added zinc and such to my supplement list and I’m sure that cannot hurt. Only things I really get these days are whiteheads and papules when said whiteheads become inflamed.

I had a real good month awhile back and was clear, but recently I’ve been beating the shit out of my skin, scrubbing with baking soda and assorted other stupid things and my skin has looked terrible lately. It has kept me secluded in my room with my whole day built around trying to make myself decently presentable for work that given day. More products, more harsh treatments, and making my skin condition worse then better I have to believe.

I REALLY fried my skin a few days ago, just as I was starting to clear up. I spot treated a few bumps with 10% BP to dry them out and for some stupid reason decided to go even further and use the 10% BP on other parts of my face. Well now I’m quite red and extremely dry everywhere I decided to do that. I cannot remember the last time I’ve been so dry.

Anyways this has caused me to rethink things.

I’m done beating the hell out of my skin but will continue to use Dan’s BP to spot treat things. I’m going to significantly limit any and all products I put on my face and cut that to the bare minimum just to deal with any problem situations.

I have learned so much about skin care since the time I began using harse treatments in high school. I’ve eliminated everything that clogs pores from my bathroom, discovered B5 which cuts down greatly on my acne even now, eliminated my foolish irritation caused by shaving which had me “breaking out� wherever I shaved, including on my now perfectly smooth cheeks and so much more in relation to products.

I’m making a change today and becoming a minimalist. I totally expect an initial breakout and that’s fine. I’m going to slowly wean myself off all harse products and see where I stand present day acne wise without beating the shit out of my face.

If this leads to me having clear skin I’m going to kick my own ass but be thankful.

I’m unhappy with my skin right now and what I’m currently doing isn’t working. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. It’s time to try something different and this log to keep me honest in my new approach.

Any support, advice and such is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and this should be quite the personal journey.


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Yeah I came to a similar conclusion recently. I used to REALLY over-medicate & "treat" my face. I put straight hydrogen peroxide on it, used needles...bad ideas! Now I'm trying a more gentle route & a "hands off" policy. That whole "definition of insanity" quote reminds me of stuff I've read on www.stoppickingonme.com, which discusses being a "skin picker" & being obsessed with your skin (which I definitely am as well).

I'm going to try the CSR now, since it has only one medicated product involved & I've had some success with 2.5% BP in the past. Have you tried just a 2.5% BP all over? It's supposed to prevent, not just treat current blemishes. I definitely understand your new resolution though; I told myself I need to start being nice to my face for once!

I'm might try B5 now too...

Hope it goes well for you!

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