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hi, iam a 20 year old male that lives in nj. i have been suffering with acne for 6 years now. it started when i was 14, and got extremely bad when i was 15. it was severe when i was 15. it was all over my face except my chin. what i did is multiple facials that didnt stop me from breaking out. i found proactive, and it has controlled my acne significantly. i have low moderate ice pick scarring in my cheeks and very low in the temple. i have not stopped using proactiv for 5 years, and its been effective but it has not eliminated my acne completely. currently my acne got a little worse cause it used to be more clearer. it has gotten bad espcecially in the temples. sometimes it gets too inflammed in the temples so i fear more scarring, and i think i dont need more scarring. from a 1-10, 10 been the worst, overrall acne is a 5, but if u consider only the temples its a 7. iam dieting right now, i eat absulutely no greasy food and no chocolate.and no caffeine either, and iam really low on sugars. i dont know if certain foods affect acne but iam precautious. i clean my face morning and night and i have not miss a single day since i started proactiv. iam afraid to leave proactiv because when i have run out of proactiv, my acne does get much worse after 2 days. i plan to go to a dermatologist to gain more control of my acne. i think i combine proactiv with an antiobiotic, i would gain more control.i dont think it will go away completely, but it will control it more. i though i was bad, but after seeing some of the pictures, i think i have moderate acne. i feel all of you, because acne is not taking seriously by many ppl but its a devastating disorder, that could take over your life and steals everything from ur beauty to ur social life. i am aiming for medical school, and after suffering so much with acne, iam considering becoming a dermatologist, or doing reasearch on acne, so that one day, we can find a cure this this horrible disorder.

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