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how stupid was i to do this??

anyway, so ive been clearing up nicely, and everything is turning smooth on my face. so last week, it was my last day at werk and i decided to eat watever cake they got me. they got my a couple of ice cream cakes. so i told myself if you get a blemish or two, its worth it. so i ate a couple of slices. lo and and behold i got a couple of tiny ones. but that didnt really bother. so im like itll be gone in a couple of days. so last night i was doing my regimen i feel a bump on my cheek. okay i told myself its okay. ittl be gone in a few. thats how my attitude has been for the past weeks and its making me feel better. so today, i woke up and i feel it and im like omg im gonna get another mark from this if it breaks to the skin, like a pustule. so i think to myself, i should stimulate to get the blood flowing. so i massaged it gently for a few minutes. then i thougt to myself, " some people on the website say that they ice their pimples and it gets better." so i did that for a few minutes. and then i thought to myself, theres a product called the ZENO clearing that puts a tiny bit of heat on the pimple so the bacteria dies off and it doesnt get to the surface. oh wait before i forget, the reason the bump came in the first place was the day before, i thought it was just a clogged pore and i tried to force it to come out, and it didnt. so anyway, i took a spoon and put it on the stove for about 2 secs. and then i put on top of the pimple. i did this about 5 - 10 times. icing in a lil bit in between. now why did i even think about doing this. so after that, i washed my face. i put on my bp and i feel the pimple. and its sore. so im like okay itll get better. BUT THEN, right next to it is another bump. im like wtf ! where did u come from? so i touch, and its even more sore. but im like you wasnt even there before i did all that shit. so now i dont know if its another pimple or just because i may have burned myself. so i dont knoe. the stupid things i do to myself. i mean dont u love it..

now i ask this .. which is stupider, me trying to unclog the pore in the first place resulting in the pimple ????? or doing that shitty ass thing of massaging, icing, and burning it resulting in perhaps another sore pimple, which in turn will probably leave another mark on my face, something that i tried to prevent.?? all i can do is laugh, cause i will shoot myself if i dont. loves it.

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yes..i know that whole it takes 3 weeks to form, but seriously no. food does things to some people, while none to others. and im not the only who knows this. sugar aggravates the body.

anyway, the big bump went down, and now the skin is burned and it peeled off. so now its just a white spot basically about 2cm in diameter. i dont want a scar on my face. i dont know what to do. its just great, instead of a brown spot, its gonna be a scar, but i dont really scar though so i dont know. ill just try to moisturize.

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You said the cake was ice cream cake? seems like my biggest zits are from ice cream but it usually take like 2 to 3 weeks like grapesrgood said, but with the sugar I know people who get a rash like acne from a lot of sugar the day after. Just all are different.

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I know exactly what you mean!

I sometimes look at my skin, see a small blackhead and try to force it out even though its not causing any problems! And then I end up with a really painful under-the-skin spot which sometimes turns nasty!

Why do we do it??? Who knows!!???


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