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Non-dry skin with 10% BP?


Currently using 2.5% BP cream (Oxy On The Spot) for my mild (to sometimes-moderate) acne, and am seriously thinking of stepping up to the 10% variety (either with Oxy, which has served me well, or some other company), but am mainly concerned with the fact that it is more likely to dry my skin out.

Question: do those of you who use a 10% BP cream apply moisturizer straight after applying the BP cream? 10 minutes? A half hour?

Question 2: what moisturizers have you found to be the best? My skin seems extremely sensitive. I have psoriasis (not that it affects my face and I must admit that it has been VERY good lately) and, perhaps related, I also find it very hard to shave because it has terrible effects on my skin. I find that my partner touching it a lot doesn't help either. I'd like a moisturizer that will be very gentle with my skin, containing no "bad stuff" that can just keep the skin soft and looking fresh?

Thanks for any help. :)

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The 10% BP can be drying - have you thought of trying 5% instead? There is a pretty big difference between the 2.5% and 10%. I don't know how much BP affects psoriasis, but I assume you need to be pretty careful with things that dry your skin?

I did manage to get used to 10% BP on a regimen designed for me by my esthetician. For the first few nights, she had me leave it on for just 15 min, then wash it off. It was left on for longer time periods over the next couple of weeks. It took 2 wks for me to work up to leaving it on all night. It seemed to minimze the dryness and flaking. As to moisturizing - you would probably want to wait at least 20-30 min before applying the moisturizer.

I never had a moisturizer I loved well enough to recommend though! I tried a couple by neutrogena,and the were ok.

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before i developed allergic reactions to bp i used a generic 10% brand from walmart id use apricot scrub , then a cream cleanser , then id moisturize with cetaphil till that tight feeling was gone and id put a thick layer of 10%bp like a mask on everynight before bed . i woke up washed and moisturized , no bp in the morning and my skin was soo completely clear and perfect. wah i miss it i should have never stopped using it . i stopped using it thinking i wuldnt break out anymore -like my skin wuldnt produce more pimples hahaha how young and uneducated i was. anyways 2 months later i had more zits and put on some bp overnight and woke up to a bright cherry red swollen face , i guess i had strangley developed intolerence for it. everyday i wish i could use it haha sometimes i try it hoping i wont get swollen and red but i always wake up with swollen eyes even if i put it on my chin and no where else near my eyes.

im mostly clear now but i still get pimples sometimes that cause nasty long lasting red marks .. but with bp i was always clear, and culd wake up with out worrying if i got new bumps over night.

just moisturize well and id try doing it in a layer mask type thing on the areas u break out, worked better for me (sounds like bp isnt working as well as u want, try it?). and the sound of applying bp to rub in and then moisturize (it gets all flaky ew) and then go out for the day is yucky. so i only did it at night , i dont think it makes a huge diference not applying in the morning..

lemme kno what happens for you :] good luck!

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