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Derm thinks I only need 3 months of it

Well my derm thinks I only need 3 months.

She said most of her patients are clear of it by then, my acne is mild to begin with so I'm worried.

I started off at 10mg for 14 days, then the last 33 days have been 20mg until today. Now I'm on 30mg for 1 week then 40mg to finish it off.

Basically, is there anything I should print off from any websites or anything to proove to her I need 5 months? Or will this acne come back, I'm not clear yet or what , IM SO WORRIED.

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Its weird she said, you're pushing me lol but in a laughing way.

If its not cleared by then which it probably won't be. I think I will stay on it.

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Hey there! Even though your skin might be clear already, you don't want to stop accutane too soon - this will increase the risk of acne coming back. Last week I asked another poster how to figure out if my cumulative dose is high enough. Here's how you figure it out:

The ratio is the total number of mg of Accutane you have taken in your entire course divided by your weight in kg. (Just take your weight in pounds and divide by 2.2.


If you weigh 60 kg and have taken 40 mg/day for six months, you would calculate as follows:

Six months is 6*30 days = 180 days total.

Total mg taken is 40 mg * 180 days = 7200 mg of Accutane.

If your weight is 60 kg:

Your mg/kg is 7200/60 = 120 mg/kg

The target is to have a mg/kg ratio of between 120 and 150 for best chance of long term remission.

Hope that helps!

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your derm has studied at university. they know what they're talking about...have a little faith!

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