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A natural product that could work on me? I have mild acne


My acne is mild so I do not want to use chemicals, such as peeling that could worsen my face. My face is good pimples-wise; I do get one or two once in a while but its okay,

what is annoying me and what is affecting my social life are the red marks. I'm concealing them with a concealer but they are a bit visible on sunlight and im really tired of being in front of the mirror everyday to conceal the red marks (plus im a guy), so everytime i go out (especially for school), I spend around 20 minutes on concealing.

I've been looking around the forums and people are naming lots of different products. I'm thinking of puredeming Intense Gel but I heard its Greasy. As far as I know, greesy products helps new acne; correct me if im wrong.

In worst case, if really there aren't a good natural product, then Ill go with peelings. Is the the one in puredeming , which is called Intense Mini-Peel *Glycolic 30% a good product? Could it worsen my acne even though my face is good? (I dont want to have the problems of acne and red marks at the same time, anymore)

Thank you for your time.

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Being "greasy" has no bearing on the ingredient and whether or not it's beneficial to your skin.

Glycolic peels should be done by professionals. The stronger they are the more likely they are to permanently scar your face. If you haven't the faintest knowledge of how these work, contact someone who does it professionally. There are OTC and organic products with similar (though less dramatic) effects; they're safer and won't literally destroy your skin. Also, don't use any of these products on active acne.

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Thanks for the reply.

I just thought that when a product is greasy, you feel as if your is filled with oil and when face is oily = acne. I may sound like a kid, but that's what I was thinking.

I will maybe give puredeming Intense Gel a chance. I really want to reduce my red marks, although I have the feeling that puredeming Intense Gel will make my face worse.

Even though I did a search, if any of you had good experience with the intense gel, please tell it me so I can get my hope a bit high.

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Acne.org members seem to agree that puredeming is the best topical for red mark removal.. but like everyone else says, the best thing is just time. Keep on concealing it and eventually it will fade to a point where its no longer noticeable.

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