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Retin-A Micro Help


I started using Retin-A Micro Gel .1% about a week and a half ago. So far I haven't had a major breakout, however, every morning in the shower, I am able to exfoliate a ton of dead skin off my face. Then result, is my face feels like clay and gets insanely oily during the day & night. I've been using kleenex to dab my face throughout the day, although it doesn't seem to do much.

I'm also considering not using moisturizer, which is bizarre because historically my face is always dry.

Any suggestions?? I was thinking about getting those oil sheets at the drug store, aside from that i'm out of ideas.

Here is a breakdown of my regime.


Wash with spectrogel

Apply neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer (no spf)


Wash with spectorgel

Apply Retin -A .1% on cheeks and forehead

Apply neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer (no spf)

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ok i went thru the same thing when i first started retin A. my skin became extremely oily and i thought it was unbareable...but things improved. i use dan's regimen in the morning and then at night i wash with a gentle cleanser and apply retin a. at night i do not use any moisturizer. it took about a month to a month and a half before my skin started to balance itself out as far as oil goes. and it was about 4 months before i was completely pimple free. i dont know if it was the retin a or the bp that i should credit for my clear skin...perhaps it was the combination. anyway, i recommend sticking with retin a. the oiliness subsides eventually. i know some people have discussed that the oilsheets often have ingredients like mineral oils that may be comedogenic so be sure to check the ingredients before committing. i know i used tissues and paper towels to try and keep the oil under control, but it is important to be gentle. i do not recommend not using a moisturizer at all...i think perhaps skipping moisturizer at night might be a good idea (that's what my dermotologist recommended to me). also i notice you are not using an spf...make sure you stay out of the sun in that case bc retin a REALLY makes your skin sensitive to the sun!!!

anyway...good luck and i hope i answered some of your questions...

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