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Go on Accutane or continue my currently ineffective regimen?

Ok, so i've been on two slightly tweaked but very similar regimens in the last 2 months. They are as follows:

1.) Retin-A (0.025%) (At Night)/Minocycline (100mg daily)/Benzaclin (In Morning)

2.) Retin-A (0.1%) (At Night)/Minocycline (100mg daily)/Clindamycin (At Night)

Over the course of the first month I went through a continuous break out cycle with gigantic peaks an valleys. That part has passed. Since going on the second regimen about 3 weeks ago my face has continuously cleared up, but as of about 2 weeks ago has peaked at a certain level. I stil get 4-5 new whiteheads a day, and none of the plentiful blackheads on my nose had disappeared. Much of the redness is gone, but some still persists.

Also, whenever I touch or accidently rub a part of my face it tends to become very inflamed and then zitty there in a matter of hours. Case in point, I went to the gym a few days ago and kept whiping my forehead with my towel because I was sweating alot, and the next day I had a good 7-8 red bumps followed by 5-6 zits in that area thats still haven't gone away. I'm beginning to tire of this whole thing, I want to be done with acne.

I'm following everything my doctor has told me to the letter. On top of that, I go to the gym almost daily to boost my immune system, as well as eating healthy and trying to stay out of the sun for too long at a time. Besides that fact, i'm on some of the 3 of the stronger(est) prescription acne medications out there. My acnes now mild, but it should be gone and i'm tired of it.

My doctor's offered Accutane, should I take him up on it? Someone I worked with went on it, and although he had bad mood swings, his acne went from severe to non-existent in a matter of weeks and didn't come back. I'm afraid of the side effects, but i'm willing to risk it if this will put acne behind me permanently or for a good period of time. Should I do it?

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I would stay with what your doing for a few more weeks if its been helping,If it doesnt help anymore by then I would consider tane.

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Hey mate i've been on tane for 2-3 weeks now, i used to be on Minomycin on and off for long periods of time, but it really did nothing.

Tane is working, my only side-effects is dry lips (which arent even bad), and dry skin when i get out of the shower (dab some cetaphil and tada).

My skin looks ALOT better, my IB was barely a breakout. i did experience some eczema sort of rash on my arms, but its been clearing up, and yesterday i got my arms pretty tanned and that seems to have fix it right up.

So yeah, i reccomend tane. its really not bad at all if followed right, it makes me feel alot better and alot more confident.

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