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i've been on my second round of accutane for almost exactly a month now. the first time was from late december 05 - mid-march of this year, only three months, i know, but i stopped taking it because i felt it was affecting my mood. looking back i think the reason for that was a lot of other shit going on in my life at that time.. anyway - due to the length of the round or whatever reasons there could be, the acne came back and i'm back on accutane.

so this time i have quite a few questions.. mostly for post-accutane. i really want to make sure i get rid of this for GOOD, so here we go:

after my course, what do you think i should use to keep my pores clean/acne under control? i've always been absolutely terrified of initial breakouts on retin-a, but immediately after accutane my pores should be pretty well clear, right? i honestly can't even remember.

what about BHAs/AHAs afterward?

milk of magnesia? good idea or bad?

if anyone reading this has been on several rounds of accutane, have your side effects differed each time? things seem a little slower now in working, but the side effects are worse, ergh.

finally (i think!), i've been thinking if this round of accutane doesn't work, i might have PCOS - i have some of the symptoms, my mum could have had it, although undiagnosed (her acne didn't settle down until she hit menopause..) and i'm just curious - spironolactone, i've heard, blocks androgens.. if i had PCOS, would that help much more than accutane? and if i do have PCOS, can accutane still have a permanent effect on my acne?

seriously, if anyone manages to wade their way through this, they deserve a cookie... ;)

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