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After giving up 90% of my carbs (breads, pastas, etc), 90% of my sweets (sodas, chocolate, and candies) and 90% of my dairy (milk and cheese) I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. The first week of college I still watched my carbs and dairy, but I sort of cheated on my sweets. I noticed a few days later I started getting all kinds of small bumps on my face! I've messed around with my diet lately and it seems to be that different foods break me out in different ways. If I eat a lot of carbs (with all other bothersome foods controlled) I get medium sized sore pimples all over my cheeks and sometimes forehead. If I eat a lot of sweets (with others controlled) I get small pimples all over my forehead and around my mouth area. If I down all kinds of diary I seem to get the pimples that never seem to come to a head and stay sore for days. Is anyone else like this? I find it strange that my skin reacts this way.

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Sweet Jade Posted this info in one of my threads... maybe it will help you with your question :D

Sugar Pimples - occurs anywhere on the face or body but these are usually tiny pimples or pustules. On average appear within 2 - 3 days of consumption (some 24 hrs), and usually go away within 2 - 3 days. These are called sugar pimples because this is what I get after consuming sugar (sucrose).

Basic Acne - These would be regular acne I guess and can appear anywhere on the body within 3 - 5 days time. A significant amount of my acne disappeared when I eliminated Gluten foods. HOWEVER, when I did this, I also eliminated a signficant amount of Sugar, Dairy, and Trans Fats since these ingredients where/are used in most processed and restuarant foods.

Ear Acne - Tiny cysts or nodules appearing near or burried within your ear tissue. You may not see them, but you can feel them. These appear within so many days of consuming dairy and/or some form of a sweetener. I'm not alone in getting this type of acne, but I personally never observed this type UNTIL I changed my diet for the better! Even though I was still on spironolactone (antiandrogen), I began developing this type of acne whenever I would eat cereal (plain rice or gluten free, sweetened with sugar/fructose & organic milk). However, I don't eat cereal anymore, but there are occassions (right now I have 2 in my left ear) where I must be exposing myself to a certain combination of ingredients and as such I will develop this. They last forever....if untreated as long as year. If treated maybe a few months.

Forehead Acne - For moi, this is usually peanuts & peanut oil. Without fail, if I ingest these I will get cystic acne. The more I ingest, the larger or more cysts I will have. That's another thing, sometimes your reaction is trigger-dose dependent

Between Eyebrows Acne - This is almost always dependent on my consumption of fructose based sweeteners. If I consume HFCS the acne will be (double) cystic or nodular. If I consume another type of fructose based sweetener, they may just be inflammed blackheads or some other form of acne. They appear within 5 - 7 days and can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks to go away!

Side Burn & Jawline Acne - Wow, lots of people experience this form right? Well for me, side-burn acne and toward the back of my jawline & cheek area I can get pimples from consuming pineapple (take about 2 weeks to disappear). I will also get double or triple cystic acne (cyst on top of cyst) from consuming dairy and/or HFCS. This type takes about 2 - 4 weeks or longer (yikes) to go away.

Underchin & Neck Acne - This occurs again HFCS, but specifcially the Underchin acne is from Almond (and Genus Prunus) consumption. Again we are talking nodular acne hear and can take weeks to go away (hence why I try my darndest to avoid). There are a few other members that have noted that nuts also break them out on their neck.

Cystic or Nodular Acne - For moi this would also include Fructose Based Sweeteners, Dairy, Bananas, Nuts, Genus Prunus. For others it might be Trans Fats and Dairy or Seafood. The inflammatory response varies here but this is where you are more likely to come across foods that you are simply Hypersensitive to vs. it being simply about the Insulin Response of a food. This inflammatory response can develop within 1 - 2 weeks and last a few days or as long as several weeks. In fact, the longest it took for me to get rid of one was 6 weeks!

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Yeah, I definitely get different acne from different foods. I won't bore you with the details like SweetJade did because we are all so different, but knowing this makes 'cheating' less risky.

I know pork and beef are the only foods that give me severe cystic pimples so I never eat these foods- those pimples can take over a month to heal and then I'm left with a mark. Sugar/grain/fruit acne is so minor for me (just teeny bumps) that if I really want some cookies or bread it's no big deal for me to indulge.

However, if I want perfect skin for an upcoming event or smthg. then I know I can't indulge in any acne causing foods for a week or so. Certain foods like potatoes and eggs give me no acne at all. So for me, there is absolutely no pattern to what gives me acne and what doesn't. I really had to figure it out food by food.

Edit: well the only pattern that I've been able to discern is that foods more related to domestication of animals/plants give me acne. These are foods which are more recently eaten by our species so we aren't as adapted to them.

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I have noticed that if I eat nuts, peanut butter, anything in peanut oil or pork products, such as ham or sausage I break out horribly on my neck. So, I avoid them at all costs! Bacon doesn't seem to bother me or pepperoni but I still don't eat a ton of them either.

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