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I'd suggest looking into whether Hydroquinone, which Obagi contains, causes cancer, which some studies indicate. I'd look at that as the most basic question before exploring the others.

yeah i found that while on this one site!

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in the interest of not scaring other poor souls. to date, there has been no reported cancer in human cause by the use of Hydroquinone. (if there are, please enlight me).

the *may*, and not *caused* issue occur with rats using high dosage of Hydroquinone. Some parts of the world use 20% which is not available. Most formulation is of 2% and 4% being prescription strength.

Drinking water may and will cause death... in excessive amount.

Walking out to the sun may and will cause cancer... ever been out under the sun? Do you realize that what SPF actually mean, and that application of SPF sunscreen is already discounted in effectiveness unless I believe you apply 2gram or so... How much of that do you think is in a pump of spf 15 moisturizer that many of us use? So... walking out under the sun with or without SPF is more dangerous than Hydroquinone can ever be as there are frequent documented cases of skin cancer caused by sun exposure...

Don't be a stupid scaremonger... do yourself and all of us a favor and actually research and read more than 2 lines that go "OMG, you are gonna die, don't use it, it cause cancer!"

... not like I lose money when ppl do not use Hydroquinone. This is for whoever that may search the forum about it because someone else scared them to death. It is fine to use.

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