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my clear skin regimen

I went through high school with pretty normal skin (some acne spots here and there but that was it). By my second year in college, I had developed severe cystic acne all over my temples, cheeks, nose, and chin. It really frustrated me because I had always believed that acne was just a High School/Puberty thing and it really lowered my confidence when talking to people. Anyways, for a whole semester I battled acne using various treatments but none worked. As my battle with acne continued, my skin was becoming more and more scarred. Finally I came up with the following regimen which pretty much got rid of all my acne:

This is what I did twice a day:

1. Wash face with St. Ives apricot scrub.

2. Apply 10% benzoyl peroxide (I used Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment cream)

3. Apply Elicina Cream

4. Appy Moisturizer (I used Eucerin)

Try to be as gentle with your skin as possible when applying this stuff. I used probably about 1/10 of the benzoyl peroxide that is used by the Clear Skin Regimen of this website. With the elicina, I simply dabbed my finger in the jar and used that much for one area of my skin, ie a dab for each cheek. I initially bought Elicina to try to get rid of my scars but it really hasn't worked at all for that purpose. However, I found that Elicina just improved the overall look of my skin and I really believe it contributes to preventing acne. For a whole month, I was too lazy to go out and buy more Benzoyl Peroxide when I ran out and the regimen was still effective, although not as effective.

My skin was clear after about a month of this regimen. I recently stopped just to see if I am going to breakout.

Although its acne-free, I still have pretty bad scarring... any cheap suggestions?

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