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exercise is the answer, im almost for sure!

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I think there was a science abstract posting a bit ago where people who exercised daily had 25% faster healing times for wounds. I think this is semi-relevent to acne, even if wounds and acne are not the same.

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im almost positive exercise is the answer. all i do all day is sit on my fat butt and feel sorry for myself.

ive noticed NO ONE who is a sports nut or people who exercise a lot have NO red marks! i think if we all exercise more and get our circulation going our marks would fade faster..

it makes sense too, because our marks have to do with blood vessels, and exercising directly affects blood..

be honest, if you have marks, do you exercise regularly? im being true to myself and honest, i DONT exercise..i think this is my problem..

just 5 minutes ago i finished about a 1/2 hour of jumproping with a couple minute breaks and i feel so good!

everyone GO exercise now lol, it makes you feel so good! im gonna keep going im gonna stay up all night doing it just to make up for all the years of sitting on the computer feeling sorry for myself! im ready to beat this :) :) :)


umm i was a national gymnast and trained 30+ hours a week and i stil got red marks lol.

dosen't prevent redmarks, athlete's skin heals faster.

yea but i still hae them a year later

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My cardio regimen has most definitely cured me of red, oily skin. I wouldn't go as far to say it cured me of my pimples, zits, etc but it has definitely aided in keeping my blood circulation up to par and helped (along with supplements and aloe vera juice) clean my liver and just detoxify my body overall. When you have less fat and your muscles work just to burn off food you consume on a day to day basis for energy the rest of your organs have all the time the need to support the rest of your body. I'm no biologist but I am a result of this claim.

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My brother is maintaining a healthy lifestyle "The usual eat healthy exercise daily etc." for about a year now, and he's is having the the worst acne lesions I've ever seen him in.

Also, if being healthy is the case, then why do a lot of fats who eat oily fatty sugary foods, and not exercise have flawless skin?

I'm not saying exercising is bad for acne, but I'm tired of non-sense relationships of the causes of it happening.

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i always work out and if anything it tends to make me breakout more. i dont notice it on my face as much as my body. i am always breaking out on my chest or back after i am done working out. it doesnt matter if i shower immediately after either. its annoying! i have cut back my exercise to 4-5 days a week now just for that reason.

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Being a personal trainer and someone who has experienced mild acne, I would be the first to say exercise is a large part of the solution. Exercise improves circulation, reduces inflammed areas, reduces stress, encourages water consumption and encourages toxin release from the body. People who are still having problems with acne even though they are exercising can be doing a couple of things wrong. First, a gym is a bacteria filled environment that can be dangerous for acne sufferers. Touching your face or wiping your face with things like towels and your shirt can transfer harmful bacteria. Hygiene is critical, so sometimes taking steps like disinfecting your hands before using machines is necessary to prevent spreading bacteria. Also, taking showers and washing your face a short time after working out is paramount. Use a gentle cleanser if you have already washed your face that day.

A second problem if you are still suffering from acne and you exercise alot is that you exercise alot. Continually putting your skin through the rigours of the workout climate is like overusing product: the opposite effect starts to occur. Your skin starts to become irritated and can never recover properly. Try to cut down the workout time to 3 to 4 times a week and give your face a break a couple days a week. If you are a fitness nut like me, keep your daily workouts short and intense; try 3O to 45 mins. of intense training. Be happy to answer any questions...

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Exercising increases blood flow. If you run every day for hours, your body will evolve faster. That means that, if you eat really well (acne-wise) you can really speed up things by doing exercise. If you'd sit on your butt for hours, you wouldn't see a lot of improvement over time.

Weight lifting will only make acne worse, as weight lifters tend to eat tons of protein from meat and powders and dairy. Those are the worst foods you could eat if you want to get rid of your acne.

Soccer, running, tennis, those are probably good sports for acne patients.

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