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nah, I don't think so, especially if you wash them off with something good. Red marks just take forever to heal no matter what you use. Believe me, I know.

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YES THEY DO! They take forever! When I don't have makeup on people always ask me why I have just one spot sunburnt. I had acne basically all in one 2" x 2" spot in front of my ear. I do get the occasional breakout elsewhere, but for the most part it was in front of my ear. Now that I am clearing, I have this big blotchy red spot that does look like sunburn. I feel like it isn't fading at all. I wish people would think before the speak! I don't care if makeup does make it heal slower...as long as I can cover it and not have people make their stupid comments.

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Red marks are complicated.

The ones I had before I discovered my magic bullet routine and products are much harder to heal. They take much longer to go away.

However, any red marks that formed after I was on my personal routine of skin care, faded more quickly. My alpha hydroxy gel is a 10% AHA and I use it 2x a day all over my face. And once a day on other skin that might be acne prone (back etc).

I was clear for 2 years. But - red marks that existed on my cheeks BEFORE my routine took a VERY LONG TIME to go away. In fact, I hate to discourage anyone - but I still have some minor pinkness in some shallow scars on my right cheek. They are 2 yrs old. I was using Covergirl Tru Blends which never interfered with healing.

My left cheek is perfectly without any red or pink marks - because the acne that had formed there was AFTER I began my routine - and so healed better with my products. Hope that makes sense.

This recent outbreak on my chin - first active acne in 2 years - caused by bad makeup - is healing the fastest I've EVER seen my red marks heal. I think it is a combination of the fact that I use a good AHA and the everyday minerals make up now. Within 2 weeks - the acne left, and I can barely see any color to he pink marks.

So - there are bad makeups - but you can't say "lots of ingredients" rules out certain makeups. It depends what is IN those "lots of ingredients" ;)

You'll get there!!

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