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Vitamin E - Way to many choices...

Well, I just searched 'vitamin e' at cvs, and it came back with 50 results, all very confusing. After searching vitamin e on the ratings page here, it supposedly works with clearing red marks. Under the descriptions for all these vitamin e products, it has like "Vitamin E 400 IU" or "Vitamin E 1000 IU" and "100 CP" with many many brands to choose from.

Anybody want to give me a brand that worked for them, or knows a brand that works, located at CVS?

And/or tell me what all these acronyms mean...


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IU is the measurement of vitamin activity


if you had even click on a link of any of the resulted search at CVS.com, you can clearly see 50 softgel etc corresponding to 50CP... answer solved, a google for "what is IU" answer the other question... 2 minutes of work. You waited for a day for this reply...


go to the store, look at the different size bottles, look at the amount of pills for the same amount of vitamins and the number you would rather swallow at one setting... look at the price... look at the + style bottle labels etc ... and wheee, there is a pharmacist to answer your questions.

and generally. *healthier* brand market their pills as containing no sugar, starch, artificial color or flavors, preservatives, corn, yeast, wheat, grain, gluten, egg or milk products.

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I take 400 I.U. capsules orally daily, and use "Walgreen's (aka CVS) Pure Vitamin E Oil 28,000 I.U.. You can find the 1oz bottle at CVS at the face cleansers section. You can also just poke one of those capsules instead of doing the extra spending. But, I like the bottle of oil better than poking the capsules...I like glooping it on excessively. :D

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