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Make-up & Hyperpigmentation

Okay so my face is generally clear of any blemishes right now, but I have hyperpigmentation (discoloration) on both of my cheeks left over from horrible pimples I had last september. Now this means that those areas are a tint darker than the rest of my skin. It looks different under different lighting (i.e. natural/sun, shade, indoor, etc.); sometimes it looks like it's not even there and sometimes it sticks out like a sore thumb. Sometimes it even looks red! This drives me absolutely nuts! I do use make-up to cover up the hyperpigmentated spots but even then it shows through, sometimes making it look worse than it really is (again, under diff. types of lights). No matter what I do or how I apply the make-up it still shows through. Does anyone know how I can get better coverage? The skin tone of my face is generally even EXCEPT for the stupid hyperpigmention spots. UGHH. And well actually they're not really spots.. more like an area spread across both of my cheeks. NOT cool.. please, anyone? Thanks in advance.

Btw, I am using some skin care products right now that maybe able to help a bit, but not like I can see results overnight like I wish I could.

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wow, i have this EXACT same problem, except that mine is on my chin. so i'll be waiting to see what people have to say...

oh, and unlike you, i still have active acne on the chin, so i'm looking for medium-to-full coverage that WON'T break me out. possible?

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get liquid cover up same color as your skin, dab it over the area. but don't rub just kind of thick looking but it's a thin layer. Full enough to block out the discoloration.

Wait for it to dry a bit. Not completely. The using your pinkie spead out the edge around the cover up slowly not trying to mess up the cover up ON the discoloration. You can spread it out a bit but try to not to rub it too much that you can see through it. Then dab the same color of powder on it.

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Redmarks, huh?

Hopefully this will help you!

Physician's Formula makes a color corrective primer. It is like a green cream that comes in a black compact. Just dab a little bit on where you need it before you put on your usual makeup and it should help to even out your skin.

I recommend using moisturizer before putting on your makeup to prevent cakeyness.

PS: If you're not happy with the makeup you are currently using, here are some suggested products:

*Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Foundation (creamy, good coverage, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic)

*Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder (good coverage, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, don't even have to use foundation if you don't want to because this does cover well without being too heavy)

*Physician's Formula Concealer Twins (the yellow side covers undereye circles and the regular-colored side covers blemishes and whatnot)

You obviously don't have to go out and buy all of this. It depends on what you think you'll need. I do believe these are excellent products though. The vitamins in the makeup might also, over time, help fade the discoloration! :surprised:

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