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Can i make my own Benzaclin?!?!?

We'll make this quick for all the readers. Insurance doesn't cover Benzaclin, but it covers Clindamycin, the other active ingred in Benzaclin, minus the BP 5%. So now i got a big thing of Clindamycin, but no Benzaclin....and Benzaclin made my face crystal clear. Now can i just mix Neutrogena's on the spot 2.5% in with Clindamycin and just call it just about equal? Or do you think they do something special? I have high doubts about Clindamycin being able to maintain my acne..that is all but gone..but not for long with the benzaclin.

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consider that benzaclin without insurance probably cost over 120 bucks and that clindamycin is like what? 10 bucks per tube + x for BP, I would just do that.

I highly doubt the effectiveness will be equal as you may lose some effectiveness because the two medication may not be entirely stable wihtout the custom formulation and fight for coexistence but when you are talking about 80+ dollar difference, I suspect that is OK for many people.

I would recommend that if you do that path, order Dan's bp as it spread easier and absorb easier, thus making layered application much better without smudging.

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