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I know this seems kinda random but I just watched this show and this one girl had an analogy that I think just fits the emotional effects of acne. She said that some trees when cut apart have those rings, and you can tell the years that were really bad because of the spacing between the rings. Those years that were really bad also made the tree what it was because otherwise it wouldn't have been able to grow as well without nature putting it through some trials and tribulations first. It kinda reminded me of how I feel sometimes and that nature really sets up road blocks so when the road is easy we at least know how good we have it. I'm not trying to preach but I haven't found alot of quotes from the media that make me at least feel a bit better about myself. I mean honestly how stuck up and friggin clueless can someone be if they think that all you are is acne? Do you really want to know them if they judge you that easy? Its almost easier to laugh at their stupidness because guess who is going to be one big wrinkle or brown spot when they are older and absolutely freakout? It will definately be the pot calling the kettle black then! Hope this helps! :)

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Yes, I totally agree with you. Having acne(no matter how screwed up it is) made me much nicer and more open to others. I knew what it felt like to be stared at because of my skin. I knew what it felt like to feel isolated, depressed, ugly, and just plain screwed up because of my flawed skin. I knew how troublesome and ineffective acne products were. I experienced the pain of standing in front of a lot of people with two pimples right on my cheek out for everyone to see. Yes, I know what it's like to have acne. And whenever I see people with acne, I don't discriminate them or think of them as lower class than people with clear skin. I don't to make people with acne feel the way I did when I had bad acne.

I probably would have been like one of those girls with clear skin who get disgusted by one tiny zit if I never got acne. I'm kind of glad I got it, but at the same time, I wish it would stop, 'cause I finally learned my lesson.

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