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Guest Sincerely_Me

Duac or Tazorac...?

Guest Sincerely_Me

My skin seems to be giving me problems again, so I'm going to go to a dermatologist for the first time.

I want to casually mention Duac or Tazorac, and I was wondering if any of you who have used either, or both can tell me what you recommend. Help is sooo much appreciated :D

Thank you!

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Depends on your specific circumstance. With that said, I am currently using Duac in the morning, and Tazorac .1% in the evening. While I would consider my case of acne troubles moderate/severe, I WILL say that the the combo of the two in addition to Cephalexon 500mg twice a day has drastically improved my overall appearence and skin texture. Below I will rate the meds individually. Any other Q's just ask.

Tazorac--- 9/10 Really helps smooth things out, sometimes overnight results. For more serious cases though.

Duac--- Can go either way on this one but I cant say its making things worse unlike other topicals I have used prior. USE SUNSCREEN!!!

Cephalexon 500mg--- 10/10 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! Slows down breakouts before they become too inflammed. No nasuea unlike Doxycycline and or Doryx. Best anti inflammatory I have ever used with very very limited side effects.

Just realized how old this post is LOL.. Hope all is well though..

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