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started the regimen 3 days ago

Hey, I'm new here. I've suffered from acne since I was 10 (I'm 18 now, male). I've tried various medications, a couple of them even got me completely cleared up but my face would get used to the medication and the acne would return. :cry:

This year my face gone mad again and I had big breakouts on my cheeks and some acne on my forehead. So, I've stopped using Eucerin Impure Skin that completely cleared me last year and decided to try Oriflames Pure Skin regimen. I did it this whole summer, and my face was better. Still, my face wasn't completely clear. I always had around 4-8 active whiteheads on my face. Also, my cheeks are still covered in red marks, but I know that will go away with years. :(

Three days ago I decided to give this regiment a try. As a cleanser, I'm using Oriflames cleansing gel that I've used for a while now. The only BP I could find here (Croatia) was a 5% gel from Boots Healthcare (Akneroxid 5% Gel). As a moisturiser I've used Oriflames Aloe Protective Moisturiser. I'm getting a new moisturiser tommorow, because I believe this isn't really a good moisturiser for this regimen, right?

First day, everything was great. I used a full index finder full of BP, in the morning 4 of the active acne on my skin dried up. My face was very dry, but I expeceted that. However, thats when I applied it again in the morning and the redness started. My face was really red and I felt some burning. With days, burning got stronger and stronger and my skin was more and more red and TIGHT.

My main problem is burning. It burns constantly, throughout the whole day and today when I put it on it felt like fire and my skin was completely red. I couldn't take it anymore and decided to wash it off, and start with a smaller dose tommorow night. My face is still red and kinda dry, but it burns less and less and I think it's slowly less red too.

I'm scared I'll do something bad to my skin. Please give me some advice on how to pull through this without so much pain. Thanks. :wub:

Btw here's what I use:

01. Oriflame Pure Skin Washing Gel

02. Akneroxid 5% BP Gel

03. Oriflame Aloe Protective Moisturiser

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well, you already started doing a good thing, bringing down the amount of BP. you were probably using too much BP to start with, a full index finger is A LOT of BP to start with. If you go back, and re-read the regimen, he says you should only be using about a 1/4 or a 1/3 of your finger for the beginning. So basically, you were using WAY too much.

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yea, I agree. You just started out with too much too soon. Especially with a 5% bp. You can use it, you'll just need to go slower ramping up the amount you are using.

I think it is a good idea you are going to give your skin a break, then begin again much slower.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your input guys. A day later my face started peeling like crazy, so I decided to give BP a rest for another couple of days.

It peels like CRAZY. I bought Vichy Normaderm moisturiser with Zincadone and my face finally feels better. It's still peeling, but less and I hope that it will stop soon. How long does it usually take for the peeling to stop?

Anyways, I'm going back on the regimen Friday, only this time with a really small dose and I'll up it gradually.

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