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I've been on Tazorac for about a week now. It's mainly for my nose and area between my brows as these are the only two problem areas. The only visible difference between pre-Tazorac and now is I'm flaking and peeling a lot more after I wash my face.

Pre-tazorac here was my daily regimen:

Nivea Purifying Face Wash morning

Stridex Pad afternoon (sometimes I'd use a soft tissue to absorb excess oil instead)

St. Ives Medicated scrub evening

It didn't really improve my condition (oily nose within an hour w/ tons of blackheads remaining, few whiteheads here and there in the t-zone).

Here's my current regimen:

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser + Cetaphil Moisturizer SPF15 morning

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser + Tazorac evening

I haven't noticed a dramatic difference in oil or blackhead reduction. I am feeling very dried out after washing in the morning and evening which never really happened before (also tried my Nivea/St. Ives combo with Tazorac the first few days--started to burn and flaked/peeled also). I don't even think about using the stridex pad in the middle of the day anymore because it's actually burning (unless that's a good thing?).

So is it normal after only a week to not see any improvement? Should I eventually start producing less oil and lose a lot of blackheads? Should I try exfoliating with a "soft toothbrush" too? My derm also prescribed me Brevoxyl, but I haven't purchased it yet (lack of funds to be honest). I may end up buying it soon if it'll drastically help.

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With Taz, you won't get the full affects for 2 - 3 months. I've been on it for 2 1/2 and I'm just starting to see the effects. Also, you'll likely get an initial breakout right away. Most people do. My initial breakout lasted for about one month.

One thing I would also watch is that you switched your entire regimen when you went on Taz. When you do this it makes it hard to know why your skin will change (whether better or worse). For example, if you break out right away, you won't know if that's the initial breakout from the Taz or maybe from switching your cleanser.You should try changing one thing at a time. Try it for a month and then make another change.

I would also watch Cetaphil. I know people really like this cleanser and moisturizer, but my skin became the worst it ever was when I used it. My skin became extremely oily and my breakouts were terrible.

Good luck

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I couldn't stand using my other regimen because it developed a greater burning sensation once I got on Taz. I dropped the St. Ives entirely because it was giving the most problems and only dropped the Nivea because it ran out. The one thing I don't like about this Cetaphil cleanser is the lack of lather. My Nivea had a nice lather to it. I had a minor breakout overnight (three small pustules) I think has to do with the switch to Cetaphil yesterday.

Anyone have anything to say about getting Brevoxyl and using a toothbrush for exfoliation?

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