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Alright...here goes.

Started breaking out slightly freshman year in high school on my chin. It was very mild. I always tried using stuff you could buy from the drugstore and for the most part it kept it sorta under control. I had my bad days and I had my good days you know nothing horrible. I kinda had a problem picking at my skin which probably ended up doing damage to my skin. I am now a senior in high schoo, and I have probably tried every one of the products u can buy at the store and and combined them with others. During the summer I said hey enough with this and did the CSR. I said ok lets stop the picking and stick to this and give it a shot. You know...I still had my bad and good days, the bad days were horrible and I would not want to go out, and the good days were great and wouldnt last long. I gave the CSR about a month and a half, and I did see change at somepoints but then again I relized something. My acne basically consisited of whiteheads, and I had nothing that was exfoiliating my skin to take care of this. So this past week I have been trying a new regime and let me tell you...I am 90% cleared in one week. Please first note that my skin to start with wasnt horrible and this will not work for all, but I thought I would share.

In the morning I drink an instant breakfast shake and take a GNC mega man balanced pill along with a GNC fish oil pill, and I spot treat any new spots with dans BP. Through the entire day I make SURE not to touch my face, and I drink plenty of water. I have not been stressing over what to eat or anything even though my diet is pretty crappy. At night is where the real stuff comes into play. I read a topic on this forum about lush ocean salt and some lady said it cleared her up in a week and everyone was like nooo wtf that cant be true this is a marketing gimic. So I thought whatever I will give this a try. I bought some of it. Along with the tea tree toner. At night when I take a shower, I wash my hair. Afterwords I open the ocean salt and mix it with my finger before every application and then i put it on my face like a mask and let it sit for a minute while i wash the rest of my body. I then put a little more on my fingers and gently scrub for 1-2 minutes. I let that dry for 10 minutes and to wet a cotton ball with water and spray some tea tree toner on it and use that for about 30 seconds. I let that dry for 10 minutes and apply the BP. I also changed my daily soap to that cetihipil anti-bacterial soap and I my hands before BP, in the morning, and when I get home from school. I mosteriouz every now and then when my skin gets dry (which isnt much) and I shave every day with an electric shaver when is conveinent.

I dunno, I just felt like I had to share this with other people. It has been a week, and every day my skin gets dramastically better and better. I think these LUSH products are really what is doing it combined with drinking lots of water, anti bacterial soap, the BP, and the pills I take. I have never felt better in my life and I am actually able to do stuff now. I look back at all the time I spent during summer not wanted to go out and I am just happy I am on my way to clear skin now. I think the key with the CSR it to motify it to fit your type of skin. It took me 2 years to find something that is working, and I feel great. The CSR deffently cleared up my skin, but I still had breakouts daily (but granted they werent nearly as bad as before). With this new motified version I havent had one zit in a week, and all my others ones have cleared up. This has never happened to me in the 2 years I have been trying to get my skin clear. Sorry for the long post, hope this helps some other people out. Feel free to ask any questions.

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Update: I brooke out a little bit and relized it was the tea tree water toner, and once I took that off I was clear. I do not even drink soda anymore. I bought a brita water filter and I drink alot of glasses of water each day. My skin is great. I also relized that I need to spend more time putting the BP on, and do multiple layers. It usually takes me over 5 minutes to put the BP on, and before I was spending a minute or 2. I do not pop or pick any pimples now, and now the lush salt srub is getting rid of alot of my old marks on my face and all that dead skin! It is great, I love it. Please someone else try this, I want it to work for other people also! Lush ocean salt scrub and BP! And maybe a slight change in life style, ask me any questions!!!

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I started all of this on August 22nd, so it has now been a month and 1 week. My chin is 100% clear. There are still some marks from my old acne that I had, but they fade more and more each time i use my LUSH ocean salt scrub! My forehead 100% clear also! I have a few pimples that try to form, but after one night of applying my rountine, the next morning they are almost gone! The only problem for me right now is my nose area. The right side of my nose was bad last week, but it has finally cleared up, and now it is the left side of my nose! I had a 2 pimples that should die down soon that are next to my nose, and there is a spot on my nose which will clear up also. After that clears up, I will be basically 100% clear other then some old acne marks!!!!!!

Here is my regime again for anybody who wants to try:


1. Drink one serving of Carnation Instant Breakfast

2. Take 2 GNC Men's Mega Men pills

3. Take 1 GNC Fish Body Oils 1000mg

4. Wash hands with Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar Antibacterial

5. Use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion on any dry skin

6. Use Clearasil Adult Care Acne Treatment Cream Tinted on any bad visible spots


1. Shave with an electric razor

2. While in the shower, splash warm water on face

3. Use Lush Ocean Salt scrub for 1 minute

4. Pat Dry

5. Wait 20 minutes, wash hands, then apply Dan's BP in multiple layers over a course of 10 minutes

Why do I think this works? Well first off, here is just some random information. Whenever I did not take my vitamans for about a week, I would always tend to break out. So there is deffently something that I was not getting in my normal food that the vitamans give me for my skin. Also, dans cleanser always made my skin way to dry, and then I would end up touching it more and it would always make me breakout. I found that adding too many products can make it VERY bad. Find something, and stick with it. Right now I am basically using lush ocean salt, and dans BP. I put on the lotion in the morning only in about a dime size in dry areas. And I always wash my hands with antibacterial soap. I havent been picking my face nearly as much, but there are still sometimes where I must pop one. I put neosporion on many spots that are to red and it heals them niceley. I drink lots of water now as well, and no more soda!

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