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fresh farmacy and the gently-gently approach seems to be working!

I have had moderate to severe acne for the past 8 years- believe me when I say that I have tried literally hundreds of products, over the counter, prescriptions (Differin, several types of contraceptive pill, including Cilest, antibiotics whose names I can't even remember, it was that long ago!), spending SO much money in the process. I went high-tech, with chemical names I can't even pronounce, and natural (including only washing my face with water, jojoba oil), harsh and gentle... you get the picture- I've used a lot!

Then, I tried, on the recommendation of a friend, this product from Lush cosmetics (a British company, but I know that it exists in the US!) called Fresh Farmacy- she had used it to clear up her acne- it is this soap/cleanser with masses of calamine (very soothing) and tea tree, chamomile, rose and lavender oils in it (tea-tree oil is antibacterial, i think, and the rest are again, really healing).

I've been using this now for about 6 weeks, and my acne has improved so much- I still produce as much as oil as ever (I shine like a christmas bauble within 10 minutes of putting my face on) but i have gone from constantly having about 10 cystics, innumerable whiteheads, blackheads and small pimples, to having NO cystic acne, some blackheads and a few whiteheads. My skin feels smooth, and my scars (which had been getting worse) are becoming less red and healing really rapidly. I actually enjoy cleaning my face now just because it feels so much softer and with so few bumps!

THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE!!! I actually had some lady come up to me on the tube the other day and tell me how good my skin was! It made me so happy, and I really wanted to share this information with everyone else. I know that different things work for different people, but TRY THIS! It's cheap (about £2 for something that has lasted me 6 weeks so far, twice daily) and, well, perhaps there's something to be said for the softly, softly approach. I just feel so much happier- I know that there are more serious problems in the world, but having to interact with the world (especially if you're at a bitchy catholic boarding school like mine) with people pointing at your skin is horrible, and I feel for everyone on this website with it!

So, after having read all your hints and experiences, thought I would tell you about mine!

Anyone else have similar effects with calamine lotion at all? (I've heard that this can also be effective)

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